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MedMongers offers shipping as a service connecting your business to various shipping partners through our platform for a hassle-free b2b and b2c shipping.

Our Solution.

Competition Mapping

  • Keeping a close eye on your competition sales for performance analysis. 

  • Providing strategies to compete with the top brands. 

  • Utilising our in-depth marketplace knowledge to optimise your sales strategies. 

Account Management

  • Onboarding products on relevant E-Commerce platforms. 

  • Managing and optimizing product pages. 

  • Communicating with relevant teams to resolve product listing concerns. 

  • Responding to customer queries in a timely manner. 

  • Maintaining good account health. 

Sales Estimation Tool

  • Providing an estimated market share for categories. 

  • Helping brands understand the scope of growth. 

  • Providing tools for product and marketplace research.

Drug License Complaint

  • Certified under Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940. 

  • Providing brands a hassle-free launchpad introduce their items to consumers. 

  • Maintaining a hygienic warehouse for storing and handling of healthcare products. 

  • Well trained team who are up to date on handling of healthcare products. 

Online Marketing

  • Digital marketing services to drive maximum ROI. 

  • Services including, 

    • Performance Marketing  

    • Google Ads 

    • Social Media Management 

    • Brand Reputation Management 

Video Production

  • Production of sale oriented, informative and introductory photos and videos.  

  • Taking care of everything from scripting to delivery. 

  • Tagging videos with suitable keywords to boost it, as it has become the preferred format among consumers. 

Enhanced Content

  • Creating high quality product images and marketing assets to promote your products across digital platforms. 

  • Developing 3D models to showcase unique features and details of the product. 

  • Provide more insight into product features to the consumers through enhanced content. 

Inhouse FBA & FK Assured

  • Present across major cities in India, our warehouses are capable for Amazon Fulfilled and Flipkart assured. 

  • Fast processing and delivery across India to boost sales and customer satisfaction. 

  • Get access to programs like FBA & Flipkart Assured within a matter of a few days through our channels. 

Our Presence.








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